Spanish demo building

The Spanish demo building is located in Madrid and constitutes one of the two small scale demo building for the reduced scale assessment. In this building the EASEE approach will be tested on a small part of the envelope to evaluate impact on the construction process practice and on the occupants.

  • Location
  • Owner
    Private owner
  • Partner Responsible
  • Objective
    Validation of the external envelope solution for building retrofitting (WP2) and of the cavity wall retrofitting  through hydrophobized perlite (WP3) through the monitoring of the building energy performances before and after retrofitting works.
  • Description

    Age of construction: 1971

    Number of floors: 1 apartments + basement  

    Number of apartments: 1

    Building structure is made up of parallel brick walls (1 foot thick) , taken with mortar M-40, which is beam with semi resistant ceramic beams and vault, and compression layer 4 cm to withstand 500 kg/cm^2 .

    External walls are made of the same walls that form the structure, air chamber with 1cm polyurethane insulation board and 3cm thickness brick board. The outer surface is covered with Tyrolean plaster . On the interior side trim with gypsum plaster. Cavity of 5 cm.
  • Retrofitting intervention
    The west façade of the building will be interested by the installation of the outer retrofitting panels and by the injection of the perlite into the cavity.
  • Activities description

    ·      energy monitoring of the existing conditions through sensors (temperature inside and outside, humidity, heat flux, solar radiation)

    ·      detailed design of the panels and joints

    ·      installation of the panels

    ·      injection of perlite into the cavity wall

    ·      energy monitoring after retrofitting

    comparison between predicted and actual energy performances through the Retrofitting Planner