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The Italian demo building is located in Milan and in particular in Cinisello Balsamo. It constitutes one of the two full scale demo buildings aiming at validating the retrofitting approach on a large scale, from assessment of the starting conditions to the manufacturing and installation of the modular elements up to the monitoring of performance after retrofitting.

  • Location
    Cinisello Balsamo, Milano-Italy
    45.33.28° N, 9.13.44° E
    Milan normally experiences a Mediterranean climate with cold and humid winters, while summers are hot and humid.

    Climate: Temperate - 2.404 DD

  • Owner
    ALER Milano
  • Partner Responsible
  • Objective
    Validation of the external envelope solution (WP2) including monitoring of the energy performances before and after retrofitting works.
  • Description

    Age of construction: 1971

    Number of floors: 3 (apartments)+basement (cellars)

    Number of apartments: 6

    Reinforced concrete load-bearing structure with central concrete columns and external reinforced concrete walls. Slab with hollow block floor. The external wall is a 35 cm thick cavity wall: exposed reinforced concrete (20 cm) + cavity (5-7 cm) + internal brick layer (8/10 cm). Steel frame single glazing windows. Ventilated roof.
  • Retrofitting intervention
    The main function of the selected space is a meeting room. The external wall is divided into two parts following its existing geometry. The width of the wall to be insulated for WP3 (Cavity wall insulation) is 430 cm wide and 270 cm high (measured from finished floor, till the false ceiling); while for WP4 the width is slightly smaller, i.e. 420 cm; this will be divided into three parts, where each part corresponds to one of the proposed internal insulation solutions.
  • Activities description

    The four façades of the building envelope will be interested by the installation of the outer retrofitting panels. The substitution of windows, the insulation of the roof and the basement are not included in the EASEE project, but the owner will complete the retrofitting of the building with regional funds.