EASEE Second Workshop at Restructura!

The last EASEE project Workshop has been held in Turin, on the 26th November 2015.

EASEE panels have been installed in Italy

The installation of the EASEE panels for external retrofitting at the Italian demo building in Milan ( ...

EASEE project at ASITA!

On the 29 of September 2015, the EASEE project has been presented at "ASITA 2015-Sessione Speciale BIM ...

Polish and Spanish demo buildings have been retrofitted!

Demo buildings in Gdansk have been retrofitted through a mixed retrofitting approach. Demo building in ...

Cavity wall retrofitting is concluded!

A dedicated mock up building has been designed in Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park. From Octobe ...

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Residential buildings dated between 1925 and 1975 were constructed in an era where there was little or no consciousness of the need to design for energy efficiency and therefore have the largest energy demand. EASEE will address this issue by developing a new holistic approach to envelope retrofitting based on innovative technical solutions ensuring an important reduction of energy demand as well as of the discomforts for the occupants during retrofitting, thanks to the use of simplified dry construction processes.

EASEE aims at developing a tool-kit for envelope retrofitting of existing multi-storey and multi-owner buildings which combines novel design and assessment strategies, with scaffolding-free installation approaches, to reduce energy demand, minimising the impact on occupants while preserving the façade original appearance.

EASEE will focus on the three main components of the envelope: the outer façade, the cavity walls and the interiors, by developing innovative and easy to implement solutions, to be combined according to the characteristics of the building to be retrofitted as well as to other non technical parameters as for example cost and location of the building.

EASEE will reduce overall retrofitting duration and will optimize the worksite in general with direct benefits for the workers and the building occupants, while creating new business opportunities in energy efficient retrofitting of existing buildings, mobilising new cooperation schemes between large enterprises and local SMEs through licensing mechanisms.

The EASEE project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7 2007-2013 under Grant Agreement n. EeB.NMP.2011-3-285540